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Lowndescapes Landscaping Solutions are based in Brisbane, Queensland and have been established since 2001. Originally servicing the acreage management sector, this business has expanded to landscaping, gardening and maintenance. With creation, design and meeting customer’s needs at the core of our business, we aim to provide a reliable and affordable landscape service.

We have many years of experience in working with gardens in all types and sizes. From water features to tropical gardens, or simple to complex outdoor areas, we can provide a reliable service to meet your landscaping architecture & design requirements.

If you need help with landscape planning, design and ideas, then our fully qualified landscape architects can provide reliable advice and guidance. We offer professional and affordable landscape idea & design services for all types and sizes of gardens.

Our specialities include garden design and backyard ideas.

Landscaping Ideas the Process to Transform your Garden and Backyard

Below are just a few landscaping ideas to consider when you are thinking about revamping and transforming your garden.

  1. Planning – Planning your landscaping is vital. Having good access is also important, especially if you are going to be using machinery like stump grinders, diggers etc. We make sure that we plan out your landscaping design and agree it with you first.
  2. Maintaining Focal Points – Most landscaping designs will have one or more focal points. Important to maintain the focus for your garden and backyard so that your focal points standout. The art is to make them standout but not stick out and overwhelm your overall garden and backyard landscaping design.
  3. Keep a limit on Curves – Curves can really enhance your landscape design. If you include curves into your landscaping design ideas, be aware they can you’re your garden interesting but it’s important not to overdo them. In general, we would recommend subtle, long curves rather than lots of small curves.
  4. Placement of Plants and Furniture – The placement of plants and furniture is essential. Make sure they have a purpose and fit the overall landscape design, otherwise they can make or break your landscaping design. Also remember a plant such as a bush placed in the right place might look great but remember that it will need maintenance to maintain the look you desire. Garden Furniture will also need to be kept clean and maintained. All these items need to be considered. Proper spacing is also essential to allow good air circulation to prevent algae and insects.

Landscape Ideas

Why choose Lowndescapes – The Benefits of our Landscaping Services

  • Here are a few of the main advantages of using our landscaping services:
  • Our landscape architects are fully qualified and vastly experienced to provide you with the best advice and support with your landscaping design.
  • We can provide you with unique, stunning and functional landscaping to suit your needs.
  • We have many years of experience in providing landscaping solutions to Brisbane and all areas of Queensland.
  • All our landscape design architects are fully qualified professionals.
  • We offer FREE, no obligation quotes.
  • We provide professional advice and guidance on landscaping ideas & designs at affordable rates.
  • We are fully insured for all landscaping design and architectural work that we undertake.
  • Our landscaping solutions can add value to your home.
  • We can get your property ready for sale.
  • The client is always our top priority, so whether it’s advice, design or any concept of landscaping, we are always happy to help. We are involved from start to finish, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that there are always clear lines of communication throughout.

If you require advice or guidance on landscaping, then we can help you.

Lowndescape landscaping solutions and services are high quality, professional, and also most importantly affordable.

Landscaping not only improves the appearance of your garden, but it can also increase your property value, take advantage of our affordable landscaping solutions & services today.

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